Sculptures, Memorials and Plaques

Eura Conservation’s long experience in the conservation and restoration of sculptures, memorials and plaques has helped build up a positive reputation over the years. Over the years, bronze, lead, aluminium, marble, limestone, granite and even fibreglass sculptures have passed through our workshops. We are also happy to work on site where needed and applicable, with our team which includes accredited conservators and technicians, graduate sculptors and artists with a wide range of technical and craft skills at our extensive workshops. We ensure the prolonged life and integrity of the historic items rolling back the years and breathing new life into these newly restored historic objects.Please view some of our projects below to help get a sense of scale and importance of our previous projects.

Venus d’Arles. Osborne House, Isle of Wight.

  The full-length zinc statue of the Roman goddess of love, beauty, fertility and prosperity, is an exact copy of the 1.94 metre high Hymettus marble sculpture of Venus at the Musée du Louvre which dates from the end of the...

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Thornton Hough Village War Memorial.

The limestone memorial in the village of Thornton Hough, having been moved to its present position some years ago, was in need of cleaning and sprucing up.  The small bronze placque had a small amount of corrosion which needed...

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All Saint’s Church, Lytch Gate

The brass plaques were carefully cleaned  before the frames were repaired, adapted to receive safety glass with an gap between the plaques and the glass and repainted. The new names were carefully designed in a font to match...

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Memorial Plaques – Private Client

As part of an extensive educational project these plaques had every name researched and documented.  Not only were the pupils able to see the names of long lost forces but were able to have them ‘brought to life’ by...

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Hoylake and West Kirby War Memorial

Set on an, at times, bleak and windswept headland the  Hoylake and West Kirby War memorial is a massive granite obelisk with two, three metre figures on either side of the memorial. An imposing soldier standing almost on a...

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The Year of the Child – Hyde Park

There were particular probelms with several aspects of this sculpture and drinking fountain.  The bronze itself had some bad cracks and scratches with green corrosion products showing in many places on the surface. Having...

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