Eura Conservation ensures the prolonged life and integrity of these objects of historic value – be it brass urinals or steam locomotives we have helped them all. Our experienced team can and will work in such as stone, brick, glass, metal, and wood. Ensuring the restoration is as close to authentic as possible! Please view some of our projects below to help get a sense of scale and importance of our previous projects

Muslim Burial Ground, Horsell Common.

In 1984 it was awarded Grade II listing due to its unique historical and cultural interest.  English Heritage and Woking Borough Council agreed to award grants to conserve this. After repairs to the brickwork and Portland Stone...

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The Swiss Garden, Bedfordshire

As the listings suggest it was vital to choose a suitable method of cleaning the metalwork to enable a protective coating of modern two-pack epoxy and polyurethane paint to be used ensuring a high degree of protection thereby...

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Kew Gardens – Temperate House.

This three year project involves careful recording and dismantling of every component of this unique building.    Cleaning trials will be undertaken to ascertain the most effective method of removing the very many years of...

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Queen Victoria’s Bathing Machine

The perfect place for a regal swim!  The beach by Osborne House on the Isle of Wight was a popular place with the Queen and her family.  Prince Albert believed in the health giving properties of sea bathing so a bathing machine...

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Wrexham Museum – Agricultural Implements

Wrexham Museum wanted their collection of Powell Brothers agricultual implements conserved and displayed in a way that reflected their history and respected their heritage.  Eura Conservation were able, with minimal intrusion...

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Bannockburn Heritage Centre: Equestrian statue – Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce, famous for beating the English army of Edward ll despite having far fewer troops, is commemorated at the 1314 battleground in Bannockburn. A statue, sculpted by Pilkington Jackson and cast in Cheltenham by HH...

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