Eura Conservation specialises in the restoration and conservation of Architectural structures. We ensure the prolonged life and integrity of architectural character and integrity, such as form and style, and/or its constituent materials, such as stone, brick, glass, metal, and wood. Please view some of our projects below to help get a sense of scale and importance of our previous projects

Kew Gardens – Temperate House.

This three year project involves careful recording and dismantling of every component of this unique building.    Cleaning trials will be undertaken to ascertain the most effective method of removing the very many years of...

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The FP7 multidisciplinary research cooperation project HEROMAT is directed towards the development of innovative environmental friendly materials with value added functions aimed to the protection of immovable Cultural Heritage...

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Oxford University Museum of Natural History – Laser Cleaning

The accumulated dirt, dust and fingerprints of museum life [Oxford University Musem of Natural History] had, since 1860, turned this honey coloured stone distinctly black! In a live museum setting cleaning the stone with water or...

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Oxford University Museum of Natural History – Ornamental Ironwork

Vacuums at the ready, a team assessed and brushed each and every surface, nook and cranny. A gentle wash, with non-ionic detergent was then undertaken, ensuring that none of the delicate painted and stencilled surfaces were...

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Oxford University Museum of Natural History – Glass Roof

Each  of the 50mm square glass roof tiles has an individual pattern.  We chose some of the best, typical of the museum roof and took moulds from them which were used as a basis for slumping new float glass to accurately...

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Justice: Warwick Courthouse.

Placed in a niche above the courthouse in Warwick the figure of Justice should have been an imposing sight.  Sadly deterioration and vandalism over the years meant that despite looking just about acceptable from a distance...

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