Eura Conservation specialises in the restoration and conservation of Architectural structures. We ensure the prolonged life and integrity of architectural character and integrity, such as form and style, and/or its constituent materials, such as stone, brick, glass, metal, and wood. Please view some of our projects below to help get a sense of scale and importance of our previous projects

Tynemouth Station Canopy Restoration

Eura Conservation were delighted to be able to restore the historic canopy to Tynemouth Railway station. The canopy was in a fragile state when Eura were invited to restore the beautiful Victorian ironwork to its former glory....

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British Museum Leadwork

Architecture Design and build Eura was responsible for assessing the damage and then designing armatures to support the structures, reworking or renewing the degraded lead whilst ensuring the aesthetic integrity of all.

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Doulton Tiles

Doulton Tiles. Royal Victoria Infirmary After much experimentation and assessment regarding the efficiency, effectiveness and weight bearing capabilities of our panel removal system we went into a live hospital setting to...

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Divinity Hall

Oxford University. Bodleian Library. Divinity Hall Ceiling Eura used carefully chosen lifts to ensure no damage was done to the historic floor and cast iron gratings whilst brushing away and vacuuming years of cobwebs and dust in...

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Westminster Central Hall

Heart of Westminster The four massive lead Armorial Achievements, which sit on the parapet of Westminster Central Hall were suffering from creep, fracturing and distortion and the armature had failed. We constructed a new...

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