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Tynemouth Station Canopy Restoration

Project location:

Eura Conservation were delighted to be able to restore the historic canopy to Tynemouth Railway station. The canopy was in a fragile state when Eura were invited to restore the beautiful Victorian ironwork to its former glory. The work involved dimantling the canopy, removing the corrossion and where necessary repairing lost wrought ironwork, before re installation and reglazing the canopy. Some of the replaced wrought ironwork was undertaken by students training as heritage blacksmiths under the National Lottery funded bursary scheme organised by the National Historic Ironwork Group.

During the conservation work Eura Conservation included visiting local schools, colleges, and community groups, to provide seminars/presentations on the history of the station, and of the types of skills and technology used to build it. We also provided guided ‘hard hat tours’ around selected parts of the site to groups.

Eura was pleased to be part of the team that won the Excellence in Construction in the North East award in May 2012 for their part in this project.

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