Venus d’Arles. Osborne House, Isle of Wight.

  The full-length zinc statue of the Roman goddess of love, beauty, fertility and prosperity, is an exact copy of the 1.94 metre high Hymettus marble sculpture of Venus at the Musée du Louvre which dates from the end of the...

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Lead Cistern. Dyffren Gardens

  Dyffryn Gardens are an exceptional example of Edwardian garden design. Covering more than 55 acres they feature a stunning collection of intimate garden rooms including a rose garden, Pompeian garden and several ponds. The...

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Eastham Village War Memorial

Eura Conservation Ltd were tasked with the job of cleaning, re-patinating where needed and waxing the memorial. Whilst waiting for the bronze to dry the operative also spent a few minutes removing some of the environmental grime...

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Hoylake and West Kirby War Memorial

Set on an, at times, bleak and windswept headland the  Hoylake and West Kirby War memorial is a massive granite obelisk with two, three metre figures on either side of the memorial. An imposing soldier standing almost on a...

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Sovereign’s Entrance: Replica studs.

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Sovereign’s Entrance Gates: Palace of Wesminster

The gates used by Her Majesty for the State opening of Parliament [photo via the ‘Telegraph’] had become corroded and shabby. Eura Conservation Ltd removed the main gate and the pedstrian gates for refurbishment in...

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