Glass houses

Eura Conservation provides an essential service in the restoration and conservation of glass structures. This delicate process helps keep as much of the original structure as possible, encapsulating the concept of conservation. The Gladstone Pavilion in Stanley Park, Liverpool is a particular example you should view as an example of our excellent restoration ability.

The Swiss Garden, Bedfordshire

As the listings suggest it was vital to choose a suitable method of cleaning the metalwork to enable a protective coating of modern two-pack epoxy and polyurethane paint to be used ensuring a high degree of protection thereby...

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Kew Gardens – Temperate House.

This three year project involves careful recording and dismantling of every component of this unique building.    Cleaning trials will be undertaken to ascertain the most effective method of removing the very many years of...

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Gladstone Pavilion, Stanley Park, Liverpool.

Each of the 5,000 plus pieces (not including the bolts) were meticulously tagged and recorded, both as a photographic record and on a database prior to being transported to Eura’s Telford workshops where each piece was...

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