Maritime, Bridges, Moats & Piers

Eura Conservation has built up it’s reputation in our experience in the restoration and conservation of maritime, bridge structures, moats as well as piers. We ensure the prolonged life and integrity of these areas working prolifically in materials, such as stone, brick, glass, metal, and wood. Please view some of our projects below to help get a sense of scale and importance of our previous projects

Queen Victoria’s Bathing Machine

The perfect place for a regal swim!  The beach by Osborne House on the Isle of Wight was a popular place with the Queen and her family.  Prince Albert believed in the health giving properties of sea bathing so a bathing machine...

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Fort Brockhurst

The vehicular bridge crossing the moat at Fort Brockhurst dates from the Fort’s construction in 1862 and was produced as standard pattern for the military as a kit of parts which made for ease of assembly. There are similar...

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Linlathen East Bridge

With the building of a new housing estate and funding from the developer and Scottish Heritage, a restoration project was initiated. An initial digital survey was made of the bridge. All items were tagged and the bridge...

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Llanyblodwel Bridge

When a lorry smashed through the aged handrail on this narrow bridge on the Welsh border. A three span masonry arch structure with a low masonry wall surmounted by a simple wrought iron hand rail was severely damaged As a...

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ss Great Britain – restoring Brunel’s ship back to her former glory.

Although some treatment was carried out in the ’70s, they did not halt the corrosion of the metalwork of the hull, which became apparent in Eura Conservation’s initial examination. We worked to conserve the ironwork...

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