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All Saint’s Church, Lytch Gate

The plaques and their frames commemorating those lost in conflict were not only in need of cleaning and repair but the addition of names was also needed. A wooden boss from an archway was also missing. Eura removed the plaques to our workshops where much needed cleaning was done, the new names were added and the frames repaired with safety glass put in.

Project location:

The brass plaques were carefully cleaned  before the frames were repaired, adapted to receive safety glass with an gap between the plaques and the glass and repainted. The new names were carefully designed in a font to match the original and prior to engraving on the plaques were trialled on perspex to ensure a good match.  The lettering on the plaques was then delicately  retouched or repainted where needed beofre a final polish and a coat of protective laquer applied.  The new boss was hand carved to match those already within the lytch gate area

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