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Memorial Plaques – Private Client

The centenary if the start of the Great War 1914-1918 has caused a great resurgence in interest around the individuals who volunteered to fight for their country. As part of this a whole range of activities has been arranged for both school children and the local population to inform them of past pupils who fought and died for their country.

As part of an extensive educational project these plaques had every name researched and documented.  Not only were the pupils able to see the names of long lost forces but were able to have them ‘brought to life’ by the research into their families, dates of death and wherever possible information about burial sites and graves.  This bringing alive of history also involved at appropriate times the construction of a replica  trench.  As part of the display and experience the eight plaques commemorating the dead were in need of cleaning and brightening up.

To do this personnel from Eura gently cleaned the ages of grime and residues from the plaques and re-patinated an area where an in-experienced hand had tried to clean the plaque before gently burnishing the letters to make them more visible.  The plaques were then waxed to give a protective finish to the pieces.

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