Kew Gardens – Temperate House.

This three year project involves careful recording and dismantling of every component of this unique building.    Cleaning trials will be undertaken to ascertain the most effective method of removing the very many years of paint and corrosion prior to necessary repairs and full protective coatings being applied.  The...

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James Allan Senr & Son Pissoir

James Allan Senr and Son were the makers of this cast iron urinal or pissoir. (There’s another in the vicinity of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, sold to them in the late 1800’s.) The facility has the space to accommodate two standing and two sitting occupants although it is no longer available for use!...

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Albert Memorial, Kensington

Restoration of a masterpiece Queen Victoria’s memorial to her beloved husband Albert was repaired and renovated some years ago. Eura Conservation was proud to be part of the team that made this happen. We have now repaired, repainted and re-gilded the railings and gates surrounding the monument. Missing elements have been...

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