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James Allan Senr & Son Pissoir

The 130 year old urinal, one of only two or three left, was originally used by dock workers. Panels and supports had corroded away and new needed to be moulded and cast, before painting and re-siting next to the ss Great Britain.

Project location:

James Allan Senr and Son were the makers of this cast iron urinal or pissoir. (There’s another in the vicinity of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, sold to them in the late 1800’s.) The facility has the space to accommodate two standing and two sitting occupants although it is no longer available for use! Careful dismantling and conservation of all possible remaining elements of the original was undertaken along with moulding and re-casting of replica elements where essential. The pissoir has now been located next to the ss Great Britain as part of the trust’s project to improve the visitor experience.

Trust director Matthew Tanner MBE said, This pissoir has been restored to its former glory. It is beautifully ornate and with its new paint adds character to the Great Western Dockyard.

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