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Bannockburn Heritage Centre: Equestrian statue – Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce, famous for beating the English army of Edward ll despite having far fewer troops, is commemorated at the 1314 battleground in Bannockburn. A statue, sculpted by Pilkington Jackson and cast in Cheltenham by HH...

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Bannockburn Heritage Centre: Flagpole.

In 1870, funded by the Dumbarton Lodge of Oddfellows, a flagpole was erected to mark the historic spot where, in 1314, Robert the Bruce planted his standard on the Borestone during the battle of Bannockburn. The flagpole provided...

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South African War Memorial.

The South African War Memorial (1906),  sculpted by local artist Albert Toft (1862 – 1949), had suffered from the effects of acid rain, other environmental deposits, vandalism and some historic settlement of the granite...

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Ballyfin Conservatory

Shrubbery growing through the roof were the least of the problems of this fine conservatory attached to Ballyfin House.  Having fallen into disrepair over the years Ballyfin has been in painstakingly restored over many and now...

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Radcliffe Camera

Graffiti is not just a recent phenomena.  Students at Oxford University, in past centuries, climbed to the topmost windows of the Radcliffe Camera to scratch their names,  initials and date in the delicate glass.  Eura...

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Tynemouth Station Canopy Restoration

Eura Conservation were delighted to be able to restore the historic canopy to Tynemouth Railway station. The canopy was in a fragile state when Eura were invited to restore the beautiful Victorian ironwork to its former glory....

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