Ceramics & Stone conservation


The principal goal of a conservator is to nullify or at least reduce the rate of deterioration of an object, which can be achieved through either non-interventive or interventive methodologies.

Interventive methodologies include all those actions taken by the conservator to directly intervene with the material fabric of the object. Such actions include surface cleaning – such as varnish removal, or consolidation – such as securing flaking paint. Such interventive actions are carried out for a variety of reasons including; aesthetic choices, stabilization needs for structural integrity, or for cultural requirements for intangible continuity.

The ceramic and stone work undertaken by Eura conservation takes the piece back to near original state – while preventative measures help to protect it from the elements and extend the life of the piece by many more years.

Some of our key ceramics & stone work restoration projects include:

  • Royal Victoria Hospital: Doulton Nursery Rhyme Panels
  • Bridges
  • Statues and memorials
  • Walls
  • Gravestones
  • Encaustic tile floor conservation and restoration
  • Laser cleaning stonework

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