Transportation and Cleaning

Our own fleet of vehicles includes two 7.5 tonne trucks fitted with HIABs with 12.5 metres reach enabling the removal and transportation of both large and small artefacts.

Transportation of historic objects often needs to be undertaken with great care. Heavy objects, such as statues or iron gates, can also be surprisingly fragile, particularly if they are corroded or damaged and moving delicate objects, such as a painting, statue or vase, can put them at risk from mechanical, biological or chemical damage. We identify the dangers to an object, prior to removal and in order to minimize these risks have developed a range of techniques for safely lifting, packing and transporting them.


We have the capacity to apply various cleaning techniques to an assortment of materials ranging from delicate hand cleaning to wet and dry blasting, ultra high pressure water jetting, JOS, TORC, DOFF and QUILL.

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