Packing, Transportation and Lifting of Large and Delicate Objects

Historic objects such as statues or iron gates are often extremely heavy, but can also be surprisingly fragile, particularly if they are corroded or damaged. Over 25 years, Eura has evolved a range of techniques for safely lifting, packing and transporting such objects whether they are fragile ancient glass panes or large lead statues, delicate repousse work on ornate cast iron gates or badly corroded sluice gates. One lift was that of the 104 foot long, seven tonne wrought iron main yard from Brunel’s ss Great Britain – the largest main yard in the world. We designed and constructed a series of bespoke trailer bogies to move the yard over one kilometre, and lifted it into place inside a museum building for display. We also carefully dismantled the oldest dated roof in Europe, that of the Saint Peter Port Church in Guernsey. 11 tonnes of lead roof tile was delicately lowered from a height of over 150 feet and placed into custom made crates for transportation back to our conservation workshops in Telford.

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