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King James 1 School, Bishop Aukland.

King James1 School's windows were in need of removal, repairing, re-glazing, painting and re-fitting. Eura Conservation Ltd worked on more than 150 Crittal windows for the Grade 11 listed school building enabling the transformation into a centre the school can be proud of.

Project location:

This Grade 11 listed building, dating back to 1910, was to be transformed into a Sixth Form Centre for the school, as part of a wider school redevelopment. All the windows had to be removed, repaired painted and refitted along with refurbished window opening mechanisms. There were a variety of types and shapes to windows as single, double, triple, quadruple or quintuple sets. Some were arched windows but most were rectangular. Some were framed whilst others were fitted directly into stonework. Some were fixed and others were openers. All work had to be carried out within the specific timeframe that a busy school needs in order to run efficiently.  A rigorous documenting regime had to be applied in order to ensure the right windows were made and ready for re-fitting at the right time and to ensure that the lead lines matched up on each set of windows.  All the leaded windows had to be remade, and re-enforcing glazing bars fitted to some, whilst others were specifically and sympathetically designed to accommodate new ventilation systems. Extreme care had to be applied to both removal and fitting in order to avoid causing any damage to both the windows themselves and to the adjacent stonework.

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