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Sovereign’s Entrance Gates: Palace of Wesminster

At the heart of Great Britain's democratic system lies the Palace of Westminster; symbol of parliamentary democracy the world over and an immense tourist attraction for millions. It is undergoing considerable refurbishment and conservation and as a part of this Eura Conservation Ltd was asked to restore the Soveriegn's gates. All work had to be done within the strictest regime to protect the security of the establishment with existing alams kept in place along with secure hoarding in place of the gates whilst they were returned to our workshops for cleaning back to bare metal using an ultra high powered pressure washer. This method of paint removal has distinct advantagesin some circumstances being environmentally friendly with no use of harsh chemicals and it takes paint a corrosion from the surface of the metal leaving a sound surface. The historic paint residues were filtered through a geo-tech membrane to collect the old probably lead based paints and removed for appropriate disposal at our Telford base. Another advantage of a water based cleaning system is that it minimises dust and the consequent possibility of air borne lead residues.

The gates used by Her Majesty for the State opening of Parliament [photo via the ‘Telegraph’] had become corroded and shabby. Eura Conservation Ltd removed the main gate and the pedstrian gates for refurbishment in our Telford workshops leaving the supports in situ.  These were cleaned using the environmentally friendly ultra- high pressure water method.  All old lead bearing paint residues were collected in a geo-tech membrane for removal to and appropriate disposal at Telford.  Missing repousse work was expertly hand forged to match by our blacksmith and refitted prior to repainting in a new colour scheme and finished by re-gilding making an entrance fit for a queen.

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