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Eastham Village War Memorial

The pretty village of Eastham had a bronze and stone War memorial which had apparently been abrasivevly cleaned in the past but then no surface protection applied. This had led to a memorial where, whilst some had matured into a good mid brown patina some was showing green corrosion and in some places where possibly there were differences in the composition of the metal it was patchy.

Project location:

Eura Conservation Ltd were tasked with the job of cleaning, re-patinating where needed and waxing the memorial. Whilst waiting for the bronze to dry the operative also spent a few minutes removing some of the environmental grime and green on the stone below.

There were some casting flaws discovered whilst working on the statue which were filled with hard coloured wax.  The green corrosion was carefully removed by hand using delicate abrasive pads and bronze brushes.  Finally the whole statue was hot waxed and buffed to a mid sheen.

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