Exeter Cathedral. Golden Gates

This project was one which Eura took over when the original contractors were unable to complete the project.  Our workshops were able to continue the work and complete to the high standard required.  An area of underlying paint was left undisturbed for potential historical research purposes and the remaining stripped back and...

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Gladstone Pavilion, Stanley Park, Liverpool.

Each of the 5,000 plus pieces (not including the bolts) were meticulously tagged and recorded, both as a photographic record and on a database prior to being transported to Eura’s Telford workshops where each piece was assessed and individually repaired. Where replacements were required these were undertaken on a like for...

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Linlathen East Bridge

With the building of a new housing estate and funding from the developer and Scottish Heritage, a restoration project was initiated. An initial digital survey was made of the bridge. All items were tagged and the bridge dismantled section by section, with the aid of a hiab. The bridge was mainly bolted together and each bolt...

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Llanyblodwel Bridge

When a lorry smashed through the aged handrail on this narrow bridge on the Welsh border. A three span masonry arch structure with a low masonry wall surmounted by a simple wrought iron hand rail was severely damaged As a scheduled ancient monument, Shropshire County Council were keen to ensure the bridge was repaired and...

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Albert Memorial, Kensington

Restoration of a masterpiece Queen Victoria’s memorial to her beloved husband Albert was repaired and renovated some years ago. Eura Conservation was proud to be part of the team that made this happen. We have now repaired, repainted and re-gilded the railings and gates surrounding the monument. Missing elements have been...

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