The Year of the Child – Hyde Park

There were particular probelms with several aspects of this sculpture and drinking fountain.  The bronze itself had some bad cracks and scratches with green corrosion products showing in many places on the surface. Having assessed the problems and carefully repaired the cracks and fissures the surface was thoroughly cleaned...

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Crystal Palace Park

A century of neglect In the 100 years since the last maintenance, the 32 statues have suffered from the effects of armature corrosion, weather and vandalism: the lead had distorted and cracked, and several statues or parts of statues were missing and had to be reconstructed from historical evidence. Working with Holden...

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Ornamental Lead Peacocks

Peacocks brought back to life We carried out minor conservation work to this pair of lead peacocks from a private estate. The lead was reshaped, and new stainless steel armatures were constructed to prevent further distortion, and to affix the peacocks more firmly to their plinths.

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