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South African Locomotive Class 15F

A South African Railways class 15F locomotive was conserved to end of working life status after being rescued from the scrap line in South Africa where it had been languishing for years.

Project location:

Eura Conservation were the chosen company for the sensitive but intensive work needed on this now prime exhibit for Glasgow’s Riverside Museum. There was a specific project requirement of the locomotive and its tender being conserved and displayed in a form consistent to its condition at the time of being withdrawn from service in 1988 but reflective and sympathetic to the influences and conditions experienced during its time on the scrap line. Throughout the conservation process attention to the historical integrity of the piece remained uppermost. No artificial patination was used on any of the original phosphor bronze valves or indeed on the new replicated pipework. Great attention was paid to Health and Safety in the workshop due to the danger of residues of old asbestos cladding in the boiler and gaskets. This was even more important as part of the project involved having a number of First Group/Scot Rail apprentices and volunteers needing supervision and guidance.

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