Fine Art, Heritage and Museum Removal

Every time an historic object such as a painting, statue or vase is moved, it is put at risk from mechanical, biological or chemical damage. Eura has over 20 years developed a range of movement techniques which identify the dangers to an object and minimize these risks.

Using our specialist curatorial skills we treat every object as if it were irreplaceable, and custom pack and transport each item. We have recently moved items as small as a tea-cup, to large, extremely fragile items such as the remaining funnel from Brunel’s Great Eastern Steamship, a 104 foot long, 7 tonne iron main yard from 1857 and a 15 feet high bronze statue of an Argyll and Sutherland Regiment soldier. Where needed we make scale models of the object and its destination building, ensuring that objects can be moved with least possible delay and risk.

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