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Weapons of Dust Extraction?

Eura were tasked with the job of cleaning exhibits, some of which were suspended 15 metres high, within the Norman Foster designed American Air Museum at Duxford. The exhibits were carefully vacuumed and then microfibre mopped with specially adapted and filtered cleaners to ensure maximum dust extraction along with minimum surface disturbance.

Project location:

The biggest challenge facing the team was the careful manoeuvring round exhibits with large boom lifts (cherry pickers) whilst keeping the maximum space in the museum for the many and varied visitors and with minimum disturbance to museum staff.

Each plane had its individual problems whether the relative fragility of the First World War exhibits with painted canvas skins, the height of the suspension or the peculiarities of the very special paint finishes. Each item was assessed prior to cleaning and individualities accounted for.  There were further problems of hydraulic oil leakages from the engines to be individually cleaned to prevent damage to paintwork. It was a delight to work at The Imperial War Museum and be able to appreciate the depth of  aeronautical, mechanical and social history encompassed within the site.

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