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The Gladstone Pavilion, Stanley Park Liverpool.

This significant Victorian glasshouse was in a very serious state of repair when Eura began its conservation. With over 5000 iron components, it was a major task to catalogue, record and conserve the structure before reassembly on site. Despite the large number of decayed and fractured components it was possible to retain over 80% of the original material and detailing.

Eura also undertook the glazing of the conservatory following development trials with the client team. The programme was accelerated to meet a revised programme of the main contractor to ensure the project was open on time and to the clients requirements.

Ironbridge Gorge Museum

Working to an extremely tight budget, Eura was required to conserve a number of large scale industrial and mining machines. These had been stored outside, and had suffered badly from corrosion, mould growth and de-lamination of paint surfaces. Eura worked with the museum to identify priority targets, applying coating systems that were designed to maximise the longevity of the objects in adverse environments and to minimise maintenance requirements.

Myatts Fields Park

Eura Conservation undertook the conservation works to the wrought iron railings and gates to the perimeter of the park which included the re-creation of a missing ornate iron gate, stolen a number of years earlier. The gate was manufactured to match the design shown on a early photograph and was provided with addition security measures to ensure its retention on site. The project was undertaken for a contractor and was partly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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